Friday, September 2, 2011

A Whirlwind Start

I would be lying if I told you that the start of this trip went off without a hitch. Reason being, four hours prior to take off, there was a boat hitch involved. In an unexpected and uncharacteristic -- for someone who doesn’t like to be rushed -- bout of spontaneity I was convinced by dear ole dad to hit the lake for the first and last time of the summer. I skied, Amy skied, Amy and I skied doubles (took some cute pics) then watched mom ski and Dad barefoot all in a perfect 45 minutes on Lake Marion. The water was glass.

After an eventful morning, I was off. And so it began, the most loco Argentine Adventure! The past 5 days have been amazing! AMAZING! But, based on the “Emotions When You Travel Abroad” graph, I have a bit of a depression to look forward to. Goal: minimize the valley. In times of future sadness or loneliness (which hopefully I can avoid – but apparently it’s a part of this whole new culture thing) I plan to look back and reminisce on this past week. Join me.

My flight: So way back when, when I bought my ticket, I took FOREVER to decide which seat I would want (ok people, obviously not the middle) but aisle vs. window. It was tough, but I settled on a window seat I was excited to sleep against it and of course wanted the view. But, when a couple wanted to sit next to each other on the 10 hour flight I couldn’t tell them no. So, I was put in the middle section - still an aisle seat. Good enough I thought. I thought wrong, because it was the best switch-a-roo I could have made. I ended up sitting next to these 2 Argentines (Vavina y Marcos) and we chatted in Spanglish (I spoke Spanish for practice and they spoke English for practice) for hours.! It was so interesting! They were so nice!! As soon as I told Vavina that I was studying abroad she offered me her email address to contact her with anything I needed!. Then, Marcos told us all about his visit to San Francisco, pictures included. I’m hoping to meet up with them at some point. It was probably the best airplane experience ever and definitely a great way to start the trip. Un problemo: Didn’t get much sleep, if any. Maybe an hour or so? I was on a little adrenaline rush/a bit too hyper for 8am in Argentina/about to crash. Crashing was not an option.

Our program met at the airport and we were off to the Estancia: La Estancia Don Manuel. (basically a Hispanic Estate) Ok, there are so many stories from the Estancia that I have to tell y’all but I am taking a while to write all of this and it’s late. I’m going to leave you with this less than satisfying ending, but if you are looking to procrastinate a bit more google the Estancia Don Manuel J. And soon, I will tell you the tales of the Estancia. But as of right now, I’m with my homestay family which I will also tell you all about soon enough. Just remember: Patience is key, when you are following the blog de Marie. I will, however, let you know that I’m alive, happy, tired, but happy and probably about to dream in Spanish, life is good. Hope yours is too! Love and miss you all!!!!!


  1. ¡Hurra Marie!! So happy you made it safe and sound.

  2. a boat hitch! glad to hear everything's going well! miss ya!

  3. Oh my gosh it sounds amazing! Maybe we can re-theme our room so that we can only speak Spanish in it? sounds like an excellent plan. Keep telling your exagerrated stories my dear. We miss yoU!

  4. Sorry I'm late but Megan that's not allowed! I would feel sad and left out :(