Friday, September 9, 2011

Y'all are champs!!

Almost done with a whole week of classes! This week has been wonderfully exhausting – exhausting but in a wonderful sort of way. To prevent you from falling into a terribly deep sleep, I am going to change up this week’s blog entry. It is inspired by and dedicated to all my lovely readers and followers, to whom I want to extend a big THANK YOU for sticking with my blog over the past week – you are all CHAMPS! J

Here we go:

Classes – Classes have commenced. So basically have seminars in the morning and Spanish class in the afternoon. The seminars are taught by various professors from universities in Buenos Aires. So far I like all of the professors, and I am enjoying the classes! However, we are covering topics such as economic development and the political history of Argentina which ideas that I probably wouldn’t fully understand in English, so to have everything taught in Spanish means that my skillz are being put to the test! Spanish in the afternoon has been fun so far. We have to take the subway (subte) over to University of Buenos Aires (UBA –pronounced ooobaaah!) for Spanish, and the classroom we are in is spectacular. We have a balcony that overlooks part of the city and during our 10 minute break we go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the view! Love it!

Happy Birthday – Wednesday night was the birthday of one of the guys in our program! It was decided that we would all meet up at Taco Box, a restaurant in “Palermo Hollywood,” a hoppin’ part of town, to celebrate. Gloria, my host mom, did a great job of making sure I would get there safely, as she helped me call a Radio Taxi (the safe ones) to bring me there – when I first called the taxi company it was a huge struggle because I couldn’t understand anything on the phone, and was just saying random phrases in Spanish that seemed appropriate ;). Gloria ended up calling the company back to tell them what I actually wanted. Anyways, it was comical and somehow it all worked out. Basically our entire group showed up (because we all love each other so much) and enjoyed the evening. Afterwards, I wandered around with some friends and found a heladería (ice cream shop). It was splendid, I had Banana – a- la- crème, a fantastic choice. I think every night needs to end with ice cream.

Arts and Crafts and Office Supplies – On my home from class today I had to stop by the cell phone store to pick up my receipt, because when I first bought my phone one of the machines wasn’t working and didn’t print my receipt – which apparently I need in case something happens to my phone… I know, kinda weird right? Anyways, I got my receipt and just happened to stumble upon the most excellent craft store known to Argentines, named Librerias Levalle! It is big for a store in Buenos Aires and is filled with all of my favorite things! I was drooling – so many kinds of pens, and paint and markers, and paper and notebooks. ahhhh!!! Made sure to purchase a Sharpie product as well as some other goods, twas a glorious afternoon J and you know what people? I think it’s time for an Arts and Crafts Fiesta!!

Merienda – The merienda or afternoon snack time has becomes a superb fixture to my time in Argentina. Usually after class a group of us goes to a café for coffee and media lunas con dulce de leche or I stop by the ice cream shop on my way home from school. It is a great pick-me-up after 2.5 hours of Spanish, and I am excited to explore more cafés and heladerías in Buenos Aires.

Plaza de Mayo – As many of you know Plaza de Mayo is in Buenos Aires, where mothers gather each week to remember the “disappeared” – children who were taken from their homes during the Dirty War. We walk by the plaza every time we go to Spanish class – translation – we are very important people who walk by very important places every day. J

Sponges – When I first got to my homestay house, there was a really old, nasty sponge that I had to use to clean dishes. It left that musty smell on my fingers. Recently, a schnaazzzy, fresh, new sponge has appeared. A new sponge really improves the quality of life.

Ai’ite champs, that’s all I got for now.

Keep it real,



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  2. I'm confused. What happened to the aerodeslizador? Marie, did you take a hovercraft ride?!! That should be a blog entry!

  3. La anguila se comió el comentario. Lo siento. Y no voy a negar ni confirmar el paseo aerodeslizador.

  4. Ooh I'm glad to hear you're keeping up with your arts and crafts. We haven't gotten to it yet but hopefully it's on the calendar for soon. And my favorite story so far is the new sponge