Monday, August 29, 2011

New Eyes

Packing is complete (if that’s possible), music is updated, the “last supper” with the family has been eaten and books for summer homework are read….errr maybe not. But either way, the date of departure is finally here. Unbelievable! How did this far off thing show up all of a sudden? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was lugging suitcases home from Baltimore to return only to a long list of errands I HAD run to prevent a graduation party from going haywire? Apparently, that is all long gone and the time for the “Good Air” to blow through my hair is nearly here. Of course I am excited and sure, I’m a little anxious too, but I think I’m ready to heed my Dad’s favorite advice, “enjoy the experience!”* And, hopefully through this blog you can take part in that enjoyment as well. I don’t have any schedule or specific plans for updating it; most likely I’ll keep you updated on my whereabouts and clued in on the juicy stories. I’d also love to stay updated about life in the States since I’ll miss you all so much -- so be sure to comment, email ( and write away!

In my attempt to find a deep, meaningful quote about traveling, I came across Marcel Proust and he seemed to do the job quite nicely. The genius once said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Here’s to a semester of acquiring a new pair of eyes.

Happy Reading!

p.s. Don’t Cry For Me – While I’m in – Argentina ;)

* The first time my Dad ever gave that advice was right before I walked out the door to go take my first AP test. Good one Dad. (I believe it’s a bit more applicable now :)


  1. Vaya con Dios, mi hija. Trabajo duro y ser bueno.

    Disfrutar la experiencia!

  2. Marie, we saw that you landed safely in Buenos Aires. We're all thinking of you as you begin this wonderful adventure. Love, Mom