Saturday, December 8, 2012


It’s been almost a year since I came back from Argentina.  It’s undeniable that much has changed. But then again, that statement doesn’t mean a whole lot… technically, a lot has changed from this morning. I guess all that I’m saying is that life is in constant motion, and that as much as we try and try to predict and understand where our future will take us, there is absolutely NO FREAKING WAY we can know! We don’t know where we will be led, or what opportunities we will bump into. We don’t know whom we will meet or how those people will change our lives …or how we just might change theirs. We don’t know what lessons we will learn, or how we will learn them. And if the future isn't tricky enough the present, oftentimes, appears to be fleeting. The opportunities we follow and the experiences we dive into seem all too short-lived.  The slightly melancholy notion of: “it was good while it lasted” may ring true if we continue to mindlessly spin through.  Spinning is fun, but we all eventually find ourselves in those quiet moments, when we realize how much it all means. How the “once was” is an everlasting chapter in our lives. How everything has been shaping us. Impressions have been made on us, and they undoubtedly impact the impression we leave on others. For the journey we are on, is not yet over.  And as frustrating as the unknown journey may be, it somehow captivates us into dancing one more dance.  Perhaps it’s a combination of the mystery, the music and the promise that waits for us. For, whether I’m on the other side of the equator or sitting on my couch in Baltimore the adventure continues.  The story continues. It will always continue.

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